Who is Rusty Rooster?

Rusty Rooster is a family team of husband and wife; Matt & Olivia and Matt's sister Clare.  Based in the beautiful county of Rutland our designs are thoughtfully created and lovingly cut from new metal before being hand rusted. We love the rich warm hues of the rust patina, which creates natural and unique looking pieces that contrast beautifully with the vibrant colours of any garden.

Rusty Rooster has designed and created a wide range of pieces, inspired by the countryside, from chickens and ducks, hares to birds, through to herons and fish. Our pieces look stunning in garden borders or lawns. 

Our designs make unusual gifts, that are sure to be a big hit!

We can make custom signs, from bespoke rusty metal house signs to business signs. Rusty Rooster has made signs for pubs, shops, hotels and restaurants - our rustic signs complement any business wanting to achieve an authentic vintage feel.