Rusty Rooster Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you have a shop I can visit?

We do not have a shop at this time - we are an online retailer only.

What materials do you use?

All of Rusty Roosters designs are cut from new mild steel sheets, sourced from a local family business. We typically use 1.5, 2, 4 and 6mm thicknesses. Once the garden art work is cut, each piece is hand rusted, to give it its unique colouring and markings.

Why Rusty?

Because we love it!

We love the rusty patina, the rich warm hues, the natural, organic looking colourings and markings. Our rusty metal garden art only gets better with age, and adds interest to a garden space all year round.

How do I care for my garden art?

Step One: Place it in the garden

Step Two: Enjoy!

Rusty Roosters garden décor does not require maintenance nor need protection from the Great British weather. Simply enjoy season after season and year after year.

Is the metalwork sealed?

No, we do not seal the rusty metalwork, therefore it will continue to corrode over the long term, however as it is made from thick mild steel, you will be able to enjoy it for many years!

We would recommend that any wall hanging pieces are offset from the wall, by a few mm's to reduce the chance of any run off / staining - we can not guarantee that the rusty metal will not create any marks/stains.

Are items in stock or built to order?

Every item of garden art and décor in our shop is in stock.

We know which pieces sell best so aim to hold higher number of certain lines.



Can you customise the garden art?

Simple Answer: Yes

Everything we cut, we have the designs for, so customisation is possible. We can add text, make any piece larger or smaller, or redesign some of the detail, the possibilities are limitless.

Do you create bespoke pieces? Can the garden décor be custom made?

If you have an idea for a bespoke piece, we shall try our hardest to make it a reality.

We have designed and created a range of bespoke commissions ranging from rusty metal house and farm signs, to pet silhouettes to a memorial for an RAF museum. You can see some examples on our bespoke page


How do I Place an order?

You can purchase our garden decorations directly from this website

Do I need a paypal account?

No - when purchasing via this website, having selected Paypal checkout , you can then chose to process your order as a 'Paypal guest', you will not have to sign up for a Paypal account, and will simply need to enter all the details from your debit/credit card. 

Non UK sales...

We have currently suspended shipping to the EU due to complications and delays since Brexit. We ship to the USA and some other countries via our Etsy shop. Please email us if you would like more information.


Can I buy a gift voucher?

We are not offering gift vouchers at this time. 

Rusty Metal Kitten by Rusty Rooster
Rusty Metal Star Gazing Hare
Rusty Metal Wall Art - Rusty Rooster
Rusty Metal Cat by Rusty Rooster
Rusty Metal Bird by Rusty Rooster
Rusty Metal Carp by Rusty Rooster
Rusty Metal Gamekeeper Scene
Rusty Metal Snail by Rusty Rooster
Rusty Metal Farmyard Cow Head
Rusty Metal Pet Memorial
Rusty Metal Frog by Rusty Rooster
Rusty Metal Sun Swirl on Stake
Rusty Metal Leaf by Rusty Rooster
Rusty Metal Lancaster & Spitfire Gif
Rusty Metal 3D Butterfly Insect
Rusty Metal Personalised Pet Memoria
Rusty Metal Hare garden decor