Rusty Rooster -Steve building Raptor
Rusty Rooster Metal Garden Art
Rusty Rooster Rusty Garden Decor
Rusty Rooster Metal Garden Art
Rusty Rooster Metal Garden Art

The story behind Rusty Rooster metal garden art...

Who would want rusty?

"Wow, I love it! Can you make something for me?"

And so our business began...

Steve had always loved working with metal, growing up on a farm there was always something requiring his attention, needing to be welded, grinded, cut from metal. Then one day he finally treat himself to a new plasma cutter and....

         ..."I've made you something for the garden" he proudly announced, "It's cut from

          rusty old metal but I kinda like it"

Family and friends all loved it, especially the rusty colouring and markings, and so began the questions "What else can you cut?", "Can you make something for me?", and finally "You should turn this into a business!".

So in the spring of 2016, Rusty Rooster was born.

Steve & Sara experimented with rusting new metal, they loved the rusty patina they achieved, the rich warm hues, the natural and unique markings.

Inspired by the Fenland Countryside and all things farming, they started to dream up more and more designs.....

Steve and Sara really enjoy working together, Steve had the brain for business whilst loving to get his hands dirty - cutting, welding, rusting and all things requiring manual labour.  Sara was the organised one, with the creative flare, turning ideas into original designs and of course getting her hands dirty when needed.


From small acorns, a huge oak tree emerged and Rusty Rooster grew in popularity and success, with many tv features, magazine write ups, and orders for rustic designs from around the world!

And then to the next chapter...


After six very enjoyable fun filed years, Steve and Sara decided it was time to take a well earned break, and to hand over the business to a new team, with new enthusiasm and some new ideas.


And so Rusty Rooster enters a new chapter, lead by Clare, her Brother Matthew, and his wife Liv.


They all share a passion for the countryside, and their farming backgrounds mean that they are not adverse to a little hard work. They love the Rusty Rooster business and are excited to be apart of its future.


Rusty Rooster

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