Rusty Metal House Sign - Custom Metal Fish Sign...


...this beautiful looking Carp Sign will add a rustic charm to you home or garden. It looks fantantic on a brick wall or fenced area.


We can add a house name or alternatively a persons name -  making it a beautiful garden gift.


Please contact us with the details of the name you would like displayed, (to ensure no additonal charges will be due), we can alter the size of the pond stones accordingly, we can also discuss alternative fonts.


Height of 60cm - Width of pond stones 38cm


Please note, as this carp design is MADE TO ORDER, it will take up two weeks to create and rust the piece.

Why Rusty?
The rusty patina gives a natural and individual finish, which continues to mature and look better with age. Best of all this art piece requires no maintenance, no touch-up, and does not need protection from bad weather.

About Us
Our husband and wife team design and create a wide range of rusty metal garden art. Each piece is lovingly cut from new steel and then hand rusted to create a unique and natural looking piece, that looks stunning in contrast to the vibrant greenery of any garden.

Custom Sign - Carp Design