Rusty Metal 3D Stag Head

A fantastic looking Deer Head Ornament, in a Trophy / Taxidermy style.


If you are looking for something special to hand on a garden wall, then you just foun it!

This 3D Stags Head is made from multiple pieces cut from 1.6mm steel, just like the cardboard kits that children enjoy putting together, except this one is ready built, can be hung on a garden wall and will maintain its beauty year after year....better still no animals are harmed in the making!

All parts are fully welded together, so the hard work has all been done, simply hang on a study screw, and sit back to enjoy this wonderful garden wall hanging feature.

The rusty patina gives a natural and unique finish, which continues to mature and look better with age. Best of all the stags head require no maintenance and do not need protection from bad weather.

The Stags head is mounted on a plaque 38cm x 27cm

Rusty Metal 3D Stag Head Statue