Rusty Metal Cogs, Sprockets and Gears Wall Decor - create your own industrial wall sculpture!


If you are looking to achieve that Industrial look, inspired by Steampunk art, than our set of 10 Cogs will achieve that look and more.

Arrange the gears however you want (hang them from small wall tacks), to achieve your own unique wall decoration.


The 10 Cogs range in size from 6cm, 8cm, 9cm, 11cm, 14cm  to 20cm

Cut from 2mm mild steel and hand rusted for a unique patina

The total width of the sculpture is dependant upon the arrangement of the cogs, in the images the total width ranges from 65cm to 75cm


ALTERNATIVELY - we have created a one piece wall decoration, incorporating 8 cogs, that can be hung a little easier, see seperate listing



Why Rusty?

The rusty patina gives a natural and individual finish, which continues to mature and look better with age. Best of all this art piece can be used outside or indoors, and requires no maintenance and no touch-up.

Rusty Metal Cogs Industrial Wall Art