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Rusty Metal Dandelion Sculpture / Rustic Metal Seed Head Garden Decoration

Our Rusty Metal Dandelion Seed Head Sculptures make an attractive addition to any garden boarder. We have designed a full seed head, and one which has a few seeds missing thanks to the wind!

Place them amongst garden shrubbery, or make them the centrepiece of your garden, our seed heads are both beautiful and versatile.

Welded to 75cm stakes, our seed heads are aprox 25cm diameter

If you love these rustic seed heads, then why not view our other designs including a poppy seed head, hogweed and allium.

Why Rusty?

The rusty patina gives a natural and individual finish, which continues to mature and look better with age. Best of all this art piece requires no maintenance, no touch-up, and does not need protection from bad weather, thereby enabling you to enjoy this piece of garden art all year round.

Rusty Metal Dandelion Seed Head Sculpture