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Rustic Metal Letters / Rusty Metal Letters - GROW garden decoration

Our GROW metal letters make a great gardener gift, they have a unque rusty patina which brings a touch of vintage shic to your home or garden.

This trendy modern sign can be displayed in a garden, either placed against a structure or hung on a wall/fence, or looks equally as effective in a conservatory or indoor space.

This listing is for each of the four G-R-O-W letters, in our Classic Font, which are 25cm in height. Cut from 2mm mild steel.

ALTERNATIVELY we have the following words in stock - SUN, RELAX, WINE and LOVE, plus the symbols @ and #


(The letters can be drilled at home, to ensure any hanging holes are in the correct position and suited to the size nail or screw you will be using).

Otherwise we can take CUSTOM ORDERS to create you own words, phrases and garden décor....

Rustic Metal Letters - GROW Garden Decor