Rusty Metal Rabbit Garden Ornament / Rabbit Garden Gift...

This family of Rabbits makes a stunning garden decoration, and an unusual bunny gift. What more they promise not to eat all of the roses!
Complete with strudy stakes, place them in a garden boarder, or a grassy patch for instant effect. 
We have lovingly designed two adult rabbits and three playful bunnies, all with a unique shape, and their own personality!

This listing is for either;
A pair of rusty metal Rabbits (£30.00) OR
A family of TWO adults and THREE baby bunnies (£40.00)

Cut from 2mm mild steel and hand rusted, the adults are aprox 25cm height x 25cm or 35cm width. 
The bunnines range from 12cm to 16cm heights

Rusty Metal Rabbit Family