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Rusty Metal Garden Sculpture  - quite simply a stunning metal art garden centrepiece....


Call it a Dragon or call it a Sea Serpent, perhaps the Loch Ness Monster! this large garden decor is sure to turn heads and make quite the talking point.

Arrange the pieces of the sculpture how you like, offset the angle, vary the distance between the parts, create your very own piece of garden art

This garden sculpture looks stunning in a grassy patch or near a pond, or simply an addition to a garden boarder


The standard sculpture is in 3 pieces (head, body and tail), but is also available in 4 pieces (head, body, small body and tail)


Cut from 2mm mild steel and hand rusted.
The head piece measures 62cm height.
The body section is 24cm height, with a width of 45cm
The smaller body section (as part of the 4 piece sculpture) is 16cm height x 30cm width
The tail piece has a height of 33cm

Each piece has its own stake measuring 10cm in length (the head has two stakes)


We also have a Octopus inspired garden sculpture - separate listing

PLUS we have a GIANT SEA SERPANT at 90cm tall - contact us for details

Why Rusty?


The rusty patina gives a natural and individual finish, which continues to mature and look better with age. Best of all this garden art requires no maintenance, no touch-up, and does not need protection from bad weather, thereby enabling you to enjoy this piece all year round and year after year.

Rusty Metal Sea Serpent / Dragon Sculpture